About Me

My name is Saloni Rungta, founder of Asthetic World. I have done Interior designing course and posses theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the Interior designing and decoration of the house. I am here to share some really interesting and important information related to the designing of the house which shall really be helpful throughout the designing process.

Introducing the website

Interior designing makes the indoor space more safe, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to move around. It is the reflection of our virtual imagination, and influences the way we think, we feel and we make decisions. Either it is home, office or any commercial complex every individual demands for a new and fresh look of their place which looks more appealing, beautiful, relaxing and comfortable to move. It is one of the crucial decision during the entire designing process. Therefore, the perfect designing with proper interior and decor is indeed an important decision to make.

The market is filled with lots of designing materials with respect to types of paints, tiles, sheet/ laminates, wood categories, colors, lighting’s etc..  which we are not fully aware. Not just these, there is a lot more to explore and enhance your home. Having our own fully furnished and designed house is like a dream, and turning a dream into reality is what every individual desire. So make sure you follow every basic details to make your house a dream home.

The whole agenda behind introducing this website is to give a clear picture and complete information about the house decor, an easy and uncomplicated experience for the readers, so that its gets easy to understand the requirement and take necessary decision while construction. The information shared is completely true and self experienced.