Home is incomplete without furniture. It adds value to the decor of the house, be it traditional or modern, you can use the best wood for furniture in India  to design and furnish your house making it look unique and exquisite. Custom made furniture gives you a freedom of choice to select different types of wood for furniture and design as per the requirement, space, theme and color. Wooden furniture has gain more popularity with time, even though the trends has been changing, the love for wood furniture never goes out of style, rather, it is used more by the Indians for aesthetic, comfortability, and durability.  

Which is the Best Wood For Furniture In India?

Wood play an important role in designing the furniture frames. Selecting the best wood will provide you mental satisfaction as well as looks elegant, classy yet comfortable and easy to clean. There are 4 best quality woods which can be used in India for the interior of the house, however make sure you use the best types of wood for your home or office to avoid termites

  1. It is one of the finest woods available in India which can last for generations with zero maintenance.
  2. This is one of the best wood for making furniture which is strong and durable, due to the presence of it’s natural oil content which makes it resistive to water, bacteria, and pests.
  3. It has a long straight grain, and the most high quality teak is found in golden-brown colour, this particular wood isn’t expensive but costly, and wide variety of trees fall under teak tree.
  4. This wood is basically used for building door frames, cabinets and tables.

  5. The price of Indian teak wood can range between Rs. 2500-5000 per Cubic Feet.

  1. Also known as Sheesham, is a very strong wood with sweet smell, which is commonly used for furniture,  decorative items and veneers.  
  2. It has high durability, longitivity, versatility and termite resistant in nature.
  3. It is available in dark ruddy brown to purplish brown colour and can be used with any type of polishes and finish making it the best furniture for bedroom, living room, kitchen cabinets, sofas and even wooden flooring.
  4. This is high quality wood which is more expensive than teak wood and cost at Rs 8000/cubic feet.

  1. It’s a hardwood which is used mainly for cabinetwork and farming tools.
  2. It is robust, durable and more subtle than semi gloss paint which makes it more attractive and appealing, and can be retained for long period of time.
  3. This wood is easy to clean, and better at hiding scratches and other imperfections but requires high maintenance.
  4. It is less expensive than other woods and majorly used in modern house giving it more finish and comfy look.  
  5. The price of satin wood range from Rs 1,250 to Rs 1,500 per cubic feet in India.
  1. The important feature about this wood  is, it is light in color when cut and turns darker when exposed to sunlight and can easily turn into different shapes, size and designs.
  2. It is heavier, harder and more durable than teak wood, also, resistant to pests, termites, white ants, and fungi.
  3.  This is an  important source of hardwood, which is used to make frames for doors and windows, wooden beams, tool handles, boats, ships, cabins and more.
  4. The price of  Sal Wood is Rs 1,650/ Cubic Feet.


Which wood is best for furniture is a frequent asked question and the answer to this question is almost same, selecting the best wood is sometime difficult as there are variety of wood which can be used to design the furniture frames, however the above shared are one of the most preferred and used wood for interior of the house.  The wooden furniture are more reliable, offers long durability, sturdiness, easy to clean and maintain