Designing your house is a responsibility, because you want everything to be perfect and beautiful as dreamed. To get things in place, choose the best wood finish wardrobe which not only make your home looks beautiful but also add colors in your life. The are multiple option which you can select for your home interior either for wardrobe or kitchen cabinets, using wpc cupboards designs, or wpc wardrobe design which will keep you stress free forever from the danger of termites

Apart from knowing the best type of wood to be used, which type of wardrobe is best is the common question yet the answer to this is still unknown. Since everyone has their own choice, preferences and budget, one has to finalize within the specified criteria. Understand the importance of different types of Wood For Furniture, and then finalize which wood is best for wardrobes or almirah. However, the below shared information about the types of material finish is clear and justified. Select the best of your choice and design your dreamland.

7 best wardrobe material finish for your home

  • Veneer : It is a thin layer sheet of natural wood which come with wide variety of options and array of designs. It is the most common yet in demand designing process, which is easy to maintain and provides a warm, classy, elegance and richness to the space. A widely used closet or wardrobe materials finish for traditional and modern look. All you need to do is re-polish the surface for a fresh and new look. The easiest and budget friendly option to design the bedroom or any corner of the house, office or any commercial complex be it cabinet, furniture, walls, ceilings etc.

  • High Gloss Laminates: The commonly used material for the interior, may be the bedroom wardrobes or any other furniture. Laminates for wardrobes is the most popular material finish that comes with wide options in terms of designs, pattern, colors and finishes to suit your theme and decor. It also includes high-gloss, textured and matte finishes options, besides it offers high durability, low maintenance, easy to clean, water-resistance, and are cost-effective. However, it need regular cleaning because it easily show up the stains or finger prints.

  • Glass: For modern and stylish look, you can opt the glass sections wardrobe designs rather than solid door wardrobes. The glass wardrobes gives a sleek and elegant look. Moreover, it comes in various options such as frosted, tinted, opaque, plain or clear and lacquered glass which gives a sense of lightness & openness in the room. Opting the coloured or opaque glass is more convenient, as you can easily match the colors with the palette of room. Whereas, if you prefer the clean or plain glass wardrobe, you will have to keep your closet neat and clean as the object inside is visible,  The best part, it is easy to clean, install and maintain.

  • Mirror : There is a difference in glass and mirror wardrobes, the glass wardrobes doesn’t reflect back the image, however the mirror does. The mirror door panels makes your room looks more bigger than usually it is. A perfect choice for smaller rooms, wherein you cannot create a separate dresser.

  • PU Polish: A colour coating on wooden and metal surface which gives a smooth, shiny and luxurious finish and a quick option to match the theme and decor. It is applicable on bedroom wardrobes as well as kitchen cabinets too which gives a glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish. A highly durable acrylic paint easy to apply and clean. It is resistant to scratch, heat, water and chemical, perfect choice for the interior of house or any commercial complex.

  • Deco Polish: Another durable and high water resistant paint of a very premium quality which gives a glossy, semi-gloss or matte finish. The paint is less expensive as compared to veneer, laminates or PU paint and can be applied on Plywood or MDF.

  • Acrylic Sheet: A form of sheet does not come from natural wood, but derived from petroleum or coal-based chemicals. An almost mirror like surface, which renders a shiny and glossy look for your wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. It is available in different vibrant colors, to match the room color palette however, it requires regular cleaning as they easily show up finger prints and stains. This is more of modern, colorful and aesthetic look.


When asked which material is best for wardrobe we can name any, because wardrobes materials finish comes with plenty of options and every options has their own advantage and disadvantage, instead of confusing yourself, select the materials and get yourself a fully furnished house depending on your budget.