Glass doors are very common and is preferred more than the whole wooden door ideas. It is used as room dividers, by replacing solid walls with glass doors, using frosted or etched glass for privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room. Moreover, Glass Door Design Ideas can be used to separate a home office or library from the rest of the living space. Not just this, it is useful in different other ways such as to showcase an exquisite garden or outdoor area, by opting different color, frames and handle to match the overall design of the room.

Glass door Vinyl Sheets


There are various types of vinyl sheets available which you can directly add on glass doors and windows. You can place it on Front Door, Bathroom, Sidelight, Small Windows. For a classy, luxury and best glass door designs, which is durable and enhance the overall decor of the home, consult your interior decorator and select the best for your interior space.

There are 9 options for interior glass door design, you can choose the one which fulfills your purpose both practically and aesthetically.  Listing down the categories of glass door.. the price may vary from glass to glass basis the design and category. 



Frameless: This type of glass door are made of tempered glass which is generally 4-5 times stronger than regular glass. The latest glass door designs which is more of sleek and modern look and known for it safety and are not easily breakable. Moreover, they are perfect for small spaces or for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The avg. cost of  frameless glass door in India is Rs 4,100/ Unit.


Sliding: The word itself clears the meaning i.e. the door slides either left to right or vice versa. It doesn’t required extra space for opening or closing the door. The best choice for plots with less space and is recommended for separating rooms or creating an open floor plan. You can either keep it transparent or go for coloured glass as per your choice. Also, you can customize it by using the wooden frame with glass designs or whole glass door designs for your space.  The avg. cost of sliding glass door designs is xx and is less expensive.


French: In a simple statement, simply following the pattern and style of France door and windows. French glass doors are not really from France however, they look like which are framed outside with glass panels inside, separated by vertical frames. French door ideas can easily complement to any bedroom design making it more traditional, elegant and stylish, whereas it can be used to separate rooms or allow natural light to a space.

Frosted: Also known as translucent glass which is usually more tougher than usual glass, is useful in providing privacy without blocking natural light. It is available in various styles, patterns, textures creating a unique and interesting touch in both residential and commercial buildings making it aesthetically beautiful, whereas, hiding the view of objects. This particular glass is manufactured by sandblasting, acid etching, or applying a frosted film or coating to the surface of the glass which is more easy to maintain, and are scratch resistant. A perfect choice for homeowners, interior designers, and architects. The avg. cost of frosted glass door design is xx


Colored glass: A multipurpose material that can be used in various ways for home office door ideas, adding a visual interest and enhancing the overall interior space such as it can be used in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and countertops; as a cabinet doors; as room dividers or partitions; as lighting fixtures (when the light pass through the colored glass such as pendant lights or chandeliers ) etc. Thus, colored glass doors is a unique and stylish material that can add a touch of color and personality to a space offering functional and aesthetic benefits.

Textured glass: Same as colored glass, textured glass are the best interior glass door ideas, that can add an interesting visual element to a room, lifting up the entire look of an interior space through unique and personalized look. Such as it can be used for doors and windows, adding privacy yet allowing lights to enter through, for room dividers or partitions, backsplashes or wall cladding etc. Apart from this, it can also be used for decorative objects such as vases, bowls, and sculptures and more. There are variety of intricate designs and patterns which can make the space more beautiful and unique.


Led lights: For an elegant and magnificent look, LED lights can be a great choice to glass doors. For a Living room door ideas or a modern bedroom doors with glass, it can be used to create backlight behind the glass door, edge lighting on glass, highlighting the artwork on glass door a for a dramatic look, color changing lights to match your mood, the season, or the occasion. Overall, LED lights is preferred for a  fashionable, classy, sleek, and stylish touch to your interior space.

Custom-designed: An open customization option for Interior glass door home office ideas which can be done on frosted / etched glass, stained glass, or textured glass. A process to easily match the decor and fit to any size opening.  Post selecting the type of glass, choose a design that fits the interior, then determine the size of the door for installation, then finalize the hardware that complements the door design and later get it installed by professional for smooth functionality. Always ensure to communicate your needs and preference clearly to the manufacturer or designer to meet your ideas and vision.

Glass & Wood: Combination of wood and glass is very common, yet it looks ravishing, and graceful, a combination that blends well with different types of architectural styles. This is an evergreen choice for all level of home or office doors.