About Interior Designing

It is an art or creativity to enhance the space or an area aesthetically pleasing and appealing. In simple terms, we can define it as a combination of conceptual ideas, space planning, site inspection, research, material and color coordination, construction management to design implementation inclusive of vastu. 

The importance of interior designing is increasing with every passing day. Either it is home, office or any commercial complex like hospitals, cafeteria, restaurants, departmental store etc., every individual demands a new and fresh look with best interior space design which looks more appealing, ravishing, relaxing and comfortable.

The major purpose of interior design is to utilize the space with proper structure, defined storage or cabinets to keep the homeware stuffs, making it functional, beautiful, and comfortable. Also, ensure to follow some basics of vastu, during the construction or designing of any room, kitchen, mandir etc., and try to have a wood dehleej at the entrance door during ancient time for a peaceful life.

Importance Of Interior Designing

There is no words to describe interior and its importance, it plays a very essential role in adding a meaning to the lifestyle. It is a virtual feeling which is expressed in the form of design and decoration. It not just make space in our home but in our heart too and gives us a healthy and happy life. A well designed interiors shares a positive and happy vibe, a sense of relaxation and comfort in our own space.  The interior designing is not just about space, it has much more such as

  1. Furniture Design And Placement
  2. Ceilings
  3. Color
  4. Materials
  5. Wiring
  6. Lights
  7. Vaastu

Earlier the designing was not in demand or appreciated, but over the years it has gained more popularity in terms of profession, aesthetic, space saver etc., and more and more people are hiring designers to design their personal and professional space in a more unique style and ideas. The competition is very high, so the need for interior designers.

4 possible ways to enhance the interior designing of a house

Apart from scratch designing, renovation is also a part of interior design. The clients have their priorities and prefer renovation or small changes to improve or enhance the beauty of their house. Here is the steps to follow and renovate your house:

  1. Research the latest designs trending
  2. Select the theme, material, color
  3. Fixed Ceilings, lighting, plumbing
  4. Choose furniture design

Types of interior designing

Nautical Theme- It is the form of designing which is associated with natural colors like stones, sand, driftwood etc., and ocean. The client can select white and blue combination, preferring the round shape design element  in the form of  curves or waves, with nature related wallpapers, and materials, coral colors and theme.

Contemporary Theme – A form of design which is based on current and present days style, a blend of subtle sophisticated designs with neutral colors including black and white, open designs and space curved lines

Traditional Theme – This style design itself speaks, the form of interior designing which is carried or based on traditional concept such as florals, classic art and designs, antiques, casual decor etc. It is more of architectural designs with neutral or natural colors.  

Modern Theme  The concept which took birth between early to mid twentieth century, a design style which is characterized by clean or straight lines, simple or uncluttered concept, along with monochromatic color and environmental friendly materials by eradicating unwanted detailing and ensuring enough space to move and function.

Industrial Theme – The design style itself states, the look and feel of the interior which gives you a complete industrial effect just like old factories, which holds the combination of concrete floors, metal, vintage furniture, exposed pipes and ducts, with addition to neutral colors like brown, beige, white , black etc., and an unfinished or imperfect surface.

Minimalist Theme – The concept is more about simplicity, elegance with lesser furniture and more space. It majorly focus on the shape, color and texture.


How to utilize the space in interior designing

Since, the clients are very choosy and selective when it comes to design their respective space, the role of interior designer begins, who accumulate the ideas, concept and assists in selecting the materials which can last longer and simultaneously add to the decor of the property. Folding or transformable furniture is a new not so new concept which ensures space saving furniture like chair table, sofa cum bed, mirror and iron board, sliding worktop etc.


Interior designing is a process with purpose for the transformation of an area from a dull, dark and boring to bright, colorful and blissful making it more attractive and worth living as per the requirement of the clients, ensuring the blueprints or designs adhere to the rules of the designing. It is a vast field, which is more about exploration and experience, the more you explore, the more you will update your knowledge, skills and experience in this particular field. There is no end of this designing profession in fact, it is the door towards the new innovating ideas and techniques for the aesthetic and decor.