Living room is the center of the house, the common area apart from bedrooms which is used by all the members. Basically, a place where the family members spends maximum of their time. Sometimes it is also referred as front room, because it is close to the main entrance of the house and is used to entertain guests, friends, or the closed ones. Therefore, the Indian living room designs ideas has to be more unique, elegant, and spacious, because, it is the first impression of the home, whenever someone step in.

Some key design elements to consider for the Indian living room designs ideas

Ideally, the modern living room in India is occupied with sofa, chairs, center tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, TV unit, lamps, rugs, and other furniture. Therefore, there should be symmetrical between the furniture for the Indian living room designs. There are 6 design elements to consider for the Indian living room designs ideas which are-

  1. Lines
  2. Shape
  3. Color
  4. Texture  
  5. Space
  6. Typography

Indian Living Room Images

7 other factors to consider for the best Indian living room designs ideas

  1. The Theme or Concept – It is the very first step to consider while designing or renovating a house. Without selecting a theme you cannot move forward for further discussion. Since interior designing is a vast field, hiring a professional would be great, who can help and guide you in understanding the designing world and other matters related to decor of the living room designs Indian style, making it easy to select the theme for your home. Theme is as important as laying the foundation for the construction of house or office. There are various types of themes available such as  contemporary, traditional, vintage,  modern, retro etc.. Choose the best living room design in India and get started.

  2. Design Elements-After theme, it’s the design elements which is important to finalize. Based on design elements, the layout and furniture will be draft to match the theme.

  3. Layout– Post the themes and design elements selection for the Indian living room designs ideas,  sketch the layout of the room i.e. furniture placements like Sofa, Centre Table, Coffee Table, TV Cabinet, Windows, Doors, Showcase Section, Bookshelf, etc., and also finalize the furniture design for living area, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, kitchen and more to finally execute the process.

  4. Types of material like Wood (Hardwood & Softwood), Granite, Copper, Fabrics, Tile, Synthetic Materials  – Material is another important element to consider during living room interior design in India. In fact, the decor of the house, is based on the type of material you choose. If you go with classy and elegant materials for the living room designs you will get the same finish. If you prefer dull color and material the entire home will give a dull vibe. Exclusive of furniture design, material has the real powers to make your home look beautiful, stylish and graceful. Similarly, the wooden furnishing has its own uniqueness which never goes out of style in India, therefore, the wooden living room interior design ideas is also preferable.

  5. Material and Color Match: Pairing the material and color is indeed an important and crucial decision for the entire interior designing process. Selecting the color combinations which is aesthetically beautiful, soothing including theme, design, material and color.
    Contrast is the current trend generally loved by all. But going with too much contrast will spoil the entire designs and decor of the house. For better results, prefer simple traditional Indian living room designs and subtle color which is more soothing and relaxing.
    The 3 types of color for interior and exterior of the house or any commercial complex includes 
    1. Primary
    2. Secondary
    3. Primary and Secondary Variant (i.e. dark and light)

  6. Natural and Artificial Light: Natural light are the best source of positive energy in the house, it not just refreshes the air and but takes away all the negativity as well. Apart from this, the natural light saves the electricity cost, whereas artificial lights falls under stylish lights category introducing the new and fresh models at intervals which adds to the beauty of the house. For Indian living room designs, artificial lights is not mere an aesthetic but also a necessity, which is required in the close and dark place.

  7. Budget– The highly crucial and sensitive part throughout the designing process. Before proceeding for home renovation, always ensure to gather a rough idea on the expenditure to be incurred post considering and finalizing the above facts. Everyone has a predefined budget, so it  gets important to measure the difference between the predefined and estimated budget, else a person has to rethink about the whole designing and selection process to meet the budget. Few may proceed with low budget living room designs Indian style but how to maintain that class and elegance in the designing is the matter of discussion and understanding.


Always prefer to choose the evergreen Indian living room designs ideas which never goes out of style, addons never ends, however, after a period of time people do opt for renovation, but if you have preferred simple designs and decor for your home or office, you may delay the renovation process, as it will not look outdated and you can continue to live with the same design. Moreover, choose classy and good materials for aesthetic and elegant house.