Bathroom is a common word yet many of them use it differently like lavatory, powder room, restroom, toilet, washroom, water closet, shower room, bath. It is a comfortable place to remove stress post hectic day. Just splashing water on your face and relaxing in bathtub is the feel of luxury Indian bathroom designs 2022. Earlier, bathroom designs were used just for toilet and shower, but now the concept has changed along with toilet clients want some more additions and innovations for modern bathroom designs to relax and chill such as LED, speakers etc. Apart form this, the choices have changed and clients prefer almost equal size of bathroom, same as room which is more spacious and lavish to ease.

What Comes Under Luxury Indian Bathroom Designs 2022

Initially, the Indian bathroom ideas were utilized only for necessary use (toilet and shower), which include some basic yet important essentials such as

Wash Basin With Or Without Counter
Tooth Brush Holder
Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash Cloths
Soap Dispenser
Door Or Wall Hooks

With time, the trend has change, now its not just about usage, but also includes hygiene and reflects your personality and style. With little additions you can create a trendy yet modern and spacious bathroom. When we introduce luxury Indian bathroom designs or  modern bathroom designs ideas you can always add some more depending on your budget like  jacuzzi, tub, green plants, soft light, colorful shower curtain, oil diffuser, LED, speakers, toilet paper, etc..  Since bathroom are wet, make sure to install waterproof gadgets to avoid any damage to the tech and get the best bathroom designs India

One can also enhance the Luxury Indian Bathroom Designs 2022 by adding

Dual showers: A combination of 2 showers wherein, one is fixed on the shower head and other is held in hand or both the showers are fixed on the head. The concept is quite in for simple bathroom designs and modern bathroom India, besides it is good for couples thereby reducing the time while getting ready during office hours or for an outing. Also, it is convenient to get kids and pet ready. The preferred size for dual shower is 3-feet by 5-feet and 4-feet by 6-feet,, and latter depends on the client how much space would they want to add in their bathroom to make it more aesthetic and luxurious   

Wet Room:  Although bathroom sounds like a wet area, however, some area meant to be wet whereas, the other area needs to be dry to avoid mess, dirtiness and untidiness. The bathroom interior design ideas suggest to create a specific zone or a cubicle for wet purpose like shower, tub, sink in one part, and then you can easily manage and maintain the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Wall mounted storage: Also known as floating vanity, just like room, storage is required in bathroom to keep daily essentials like bathing products, along with bathroom cleaning materials and more. Since the vanity is available in different shapes, sizes, and configuration.and colors. Finalize the bathroom designs and get the wall mounted storage in the same shape to match the overall design making it more captivating and attractive.  

Wooden Look:  Tiles and marble are very much famous for bathroom floors, as it can easily absorbs moisture and is easy to clean and wash, however, opting the wooden floor for bathroom is another way of enhancing the look and can be used for flooring, vanity, wall etc..

Trending colors for Luxury Indian Bathroom Designs 2022

Along with the pinterest small bathroom ideas, colour has a different role, and it can really impact your mood, since the trend keeps changing so are the colors and designs. The clients go with the flow and select the current trend going. As per the top interior designers, currently, the soothing but bold and a different shades is in for bathroom colors which includes warm blue, modern blue, bold black and charcoal, comfy light green and neutral warm colors schemes. Using these colour and fitting basic necessities you can easily transform your bathroom look and feel giving it a completely new sight.

How to revamp the small bathroom into LUXURY INDIAN BATHROOM 2022 ?

Customize your bathroom design and make it more luxurious with defined budget. Organize your simple modern bathrooms by

  1. Removing unwanted items
  2. Change the linens
  3. Use latest, smart and evergreen shower curtain or shower door designs
  4. Smart storage
  5. Replace the bathroom hardware
  6. Modify the wall and floor tiles  
  7. Choose alter color shades which is in trend and soothing
  8. Adjust lighting


Trend change is permanent, so is the bathroom designs. Choose the color scheme, decide wall finishing, faucet and sink design, vanity ideas, mirror etc..for an alluring Luxury Indian Bathroom Designs 2022.  Consider the few tips shared above and bathroom design ideas images to make your bathroom more comfortable place to relax and chill. Along with this a combination vintage and modern vibe is a good choice for an elegant bathroom.