Importance Of Using Amazing Colors For Home Interior

A house looks incomplete until it is painted or colored beautifully to enhance the aesthetic of the dream place. Either residential or corporate building each and every space required some best interior paint colors for home post coated with cement and putti. A white wash wall also looks incomplete without paint. This is where colors gain the popularity. It gives essence to life, people, house, crafting, designing, clothing etc. wherever applies. So, choose the best colors for home and office and change your boredom place or material to a meaningful one  and improve the visibility and view of the space

Tips to identify the best suitable color for home and office interior


  1. Analyse the room elements like tiles, fabrics, furniture’s, etc, to understand the type of home office color schemesrequired to paint the room. Basis that, pick a base colour for individual room and then choose the set of colors which looks ravishing and beautiful.
  2. As per the room category like for bedroompick a soothing and warm wall colors, which relaxes your mood & mind, for kids room bright colors, to keep them energetic, for senior citizens bedroom, some off white or light tone color, in living room light and bright to make it look more spacious and lively etc..
  3. Always select the light shade of home office paint colorswhich relaxes your eyes, make you feel light and happy in your home, whereas the darker the tone of color the more it provides the dullness and darkness in your house, life and mind
  4. Try to use thelight and dark hue Colour Combinations for Home Interiors, such as the dark color furniture contrast with light shade of walls to make it aesthetically beautiful and lovely.

Color schemes to use in your house and why?

Interior designing is a kind of long term investment in your home or office space, which is done once in 10-15 years. Thus, choosing the best color for office walls and home is not an easy and quick decision to be taken, it requires time to think twice or thrice before executing the same. Every color holds a beautiful meaning when applied to any interior and exterior surface or wall of a house or an office. To select the best living room color ideas which does not only looks good in your dream space but suits the environments and gives you a pleasant and soothing vibes along with positive energy. There are some really best and latest interior paint ideas which can be used for home make over.


Here, the 7 best color ideas to paint your home and office interior walls recommended by color consultant

Green + White

White is a common yet often used color schemes in residential and corporate buildings. It gives more of professional vibe along with sign of peace. Pair green with white to give more pleasant look to your bedroom. You can also customize it for a modern office color schemes by adding different shades of green and white such as moss green, middle green, Spanish green, pistachio, hunter green with off white, ivory, vanilla, eggshell and more. There are more than 900 shades of white, thus select the best by coordinating with your color consultant or interior designer. 

  • Blue+ Gray + White

    Another most used wall color combination in interior space. This color palette is more preferred for a sophisticated, modern, and classy look. One of the best color schemes  for dining and living room paint ideas. There are no. of shades available, thus, use the light and dark tone to make it more elegant and attractive. Some of the really recommended shades of blue are slate, spruce, teal and gray, fossil, silver, cloud etc..

Brown + Gray + Beige – Brown color has its own uniqueness, a universal color for furniture’s when paired with grey painted walls, leave a mind blowing combination. Adding the beige hue with the room elements  is perfect blend for home and office interiors, be it living area, bedroom, guest room, conference room, board room etc.

Mauve + Violet + White + Gray :  Avoid the monotonous color palette, and switch to darker yet magnifying purple color shades for more ravishing and elegant look for you office as well as home walls. Popular office colors schemes like lilac, mauve, violet, combined with pastel colors or hue of gray, brown, white for a delicate and rich look.

Pink + Green : Pink is a soft and subtle color for designing your dream place. A very soothing colour which can be blend easily with shades of green such as laurel, pistachio, emerald, basil etc. Combine the two pastel colors of this combination , or contrast it with light and  dark tone for office wall colors or home.

Yellow + White + Gray – Yellow is quite bright when think of interiors, however, to  illuminate the space bright or vibrant colors are more preferred for office interiors, whereas, looking back to the mid century craftsman, it is one of the most used color for historical paint. For a vintage and modern look prefer hue of yellow, gray and white for home interiors. 

Red + Off White : Red, the color itself define the meaning of being fearless, when executed to any of the residential or commercial place. Its important to maintain the intensity throughout the space for an elegant and exquisite view. Select the hue of red, and white and make it suitable

Since, every color has multiple shades, pick the above suggested color combinations and customize it as per your choice, by choosing the hue of the same to give a new and fresh look to your home and office..

While choosing the home or office color ideas make sure to manage the flow throughout your home by selecting the flooring same in all the rooms, or a base color in different amounts all over the home to maintain balance and sync in home interior and decor.