A larger version of cabinet, a sleek piece of furniture used to store clothes, shoes and other household things . The second most important and frequent used furniture in the house after bed. It not only stores clothes but help you in arranging your bedroom and keeping it clean and tidy. However, while choosing the wardrobe designs and materials make a choice between the closet style, the one in which the clothes are visible or the closed door almirah. The armoire comes in wide collections, so pick the best wardrobe designs for your bedroom and settle down your stuffs in a more easy and convenient way.


However, which wood is best for wardrobe is a commonly asked question, so rather than going with customized or built-in wardrobes, there is an alter options where you can buy the almirah / wardrobes online. There are ample of digital platforms who offers the best ready made closet for your home like Amazon, pepperfry, wakefit, IKEA, Flipkart, urbanladder, nilkamal furniture, woodenstreet etc.. and can also get the wardrobes design ideas further designed as per the space with these online furniture suppliers.

5 Types of wardrobe designs for your bedroom or guest room

  • Hinged Wardrobe: These are basically the closed almirah which opens on the outward side or into the room. In this design, the doors are attached with hinges so that the almirah can be open and closed easily during use. The average depth for an hinge wardrobe is 24 inches, however you can adjust the depth in case of small room.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe: The doors open from side to side and it doesn’t require much space in your room. This type of almirah are preferred for small rooms as well as for modern room. This type of  armoire are cheaper than the hinged wardrobe due to the use of less components which compromises of metal and plastic instead of wood.

  • Walk-In Wardrobe: This is a small or large storage room close to the bedroom which can be used for storing clothes, shoes, accessories and other valuable stuffs, besides it is also preferred to dressed and put on makeup. It is a closet without door and open wardrobe. The minimum size of walk in wardrobe is 4 feet by 4 feet and can be increased according to the space.

  • Mirror Wardrobe: A common yet recommended wardrobe design wherein the mirror is placed on the outer side of the wardrobe and inner space is utilized for storing items like clothes, accessories etc.. It is useful for either type of rooms to avoid cluttering and make the room appear big and spacious. The height of the mirror depend on one’s choice, you can either go for full length mirror or half. However, as per vastu, make sure not to place the mirror in front of bed.

  • Free-standing Wardrobe: These are the common and classic vintage style wardrobes which have been used since ancient time and still gives you a different vibe. These are the handmade crafting and the artisans give more care to these products keeping in mind the clients need, thus, it tend to be more unique and appealing, sustainable and offers high durability.

 Best wardrobe designs and materials for your home

The wardrobe installation is a one time process, therefore select the wardrobe materials and wood that tend to have more durability and are moisture free to avoid the danger of termites and other sort of damage to the furniture. In case of moisture prone area, prefer WPC wardrobe design or WPC cupboards designs to protect from unwanted expense, loss, design and aesthetic.

Opting for a free standing wardrobes or pre built wardrobes,  ensure to measure the size since these are mass wardrobes manufactured and built in a standard size, might cause size constraints issue and  run out of storage too, whereas the built in wardrobes comes to the rescue by understanding which company plywood is best for wardrobe, best modern wardrobe materials and more.

Select the solid wood such as MDF, plywood, or particle board for the base or frame of the wardrobe. Post almirah design, for further finishing of the wardrobe one can use veneer, high gloss laminates, lacquer, mirror, steel, acrylic sheet, paint, glass (Frosted or PU finished ) etc.. Every materials has its own pros and cons and this ain’t enough it also include hardwares such as Shelves, drawers, hangers, hinges, mirrors, handles, sliding shelves, hangers etc.


Installing wardrobe makes you think number of facts such as the design that matches the interiors of the home, color, materials, space etc.. since it is a combination of design, colour, and external finish. Enhance the quality and durability of closet by using the components and best material finishes for wardrobes to give a popular surface to its appearance. Modern wardrobe designs and materials deliver a sleek, stylish, trendy and functional furniture.