What is termite and reason behind the causes of termites in your home?

Termites is a very serious problem which is being faced by every individual. People who are living in the most tall or high class building also face this issue. This is something very common in apartments or building or bungalows. Termites are not really ants, but they belong to the group of insects that’s eats wood. They are usually found in wooden frames or structures, trees, fallen timber, and soil. They just don’t eat furniture’s, perhaps they can be found in wooden flooring and wall as well. 

Also known as silent destroyers, because they keep on eating the wood and the home owner will not realize until they found the particular area, or furniture turned dark in color or discolored, bubbling and peeling paint, where the termites have eaten.

There is one major reason for the cause of termites in your home i.e. moisture prone area. Water leakage in pipes, inappropriate drainage and poor airflow are the real cause.  Termites needs moisture to live, and grew which they get from woods, walls, and soil. These all create dampness in the wall and furniture due to which the termites attract.

10 factors to identify the presence of termites in your home

There are several other ways which will help you to understand if the termites still exist in your house or any commercial complex or buildings. All you need to do is follow the given steps and identify the termites infestation area

  1. Hollow sound when tap on wood and wall
  2. Discolored or faded wood
  3. Bubbling and peeling of paint
  4. Maze like lines on wall and furniture
  5. Stuck door and windows
  6. Small or pin point hole
  7. Wings left on floor
  8. Flying termite anywhere in your home
  9. Damaged wood
  10. Blistering of laminated wood or wooden flooring

Termite infestation is a very severe problem which needs an instant treatment, if not treated if can cause severely damage to your property. A single termite will slowly and gradually create a group which will damage or destruct the whole area within a short period. Termite prevention is mandate to protect your house from unwanted expenses, disturbance in interior and decor of the house and damage to the assets. Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion damage to your buildings and furniture.

Suggestion how to treat termites in your home

Since it is a very serious concern, it is important to hire a professional who can help you get rid of it. There are multiple options available for termite treatment methods –

Pest Control- How effective is termite treatment, is an often asked question by the people. I would like to suggest that, this is one of the conclusive and worth treatment to eradicate the termites from your home. The use of chemical to control termites is very known and helpful and these companies have high quality chemicals to kill termites rather than doing it yourself (DIY).

Using water proof sheet instead of wood (WPC Board)- The termites are resistant to woods thus, any moisture prone area or dampness can invite termites. To avoid the invasion of termites in your home, prefer to use the WPC board. The sheet is available in different colors, however you can opt for white board which can be further painted or polished with any colors of your choice .

Use of chemicals like Terminator, Boric Acid – Chemicals are effective to kills termites. It is a non hazardous chemicals which is made of herbal extracts with no side effects and is safe for users too. Terminator is an anti termite wood preservative that instantly kills termites and borers. One of highly effective termite spray to use and avoid any future symptoms of termites in the particular zone. Boric acid is another method for wood termites protection, prepare a solution of powder and water and spray to the destructive areas.

Treat the Damp- Dampnesss occurs due to leakage in pipes, floor, drainage etc. To eliminate moist, treat the wall or floor of your house or any commercial complex., call the plumber and get it fixed.

Expose to Sunlight: Since termites are found in moist area, thus they cannot bear the heat or sun rays. They avoid sunlight which can kill them. To invade termites expose the furniture, logs or other materials to the sunlight. However, the wall can’t be cut so you can use the UV lamps which has same effect as sunlight to protect from termites.


Always make sure to get your wall treated before the furniture works start, because the untreated wall can trouble you much more than expected. From a very little or single termite it will eventually form a large group which will chew the wood structure and ruin the property. Not only this, you have to be very careful while selecting the wood, because a low quality wood can help you save money for once, but it will have bigger results later wherein you have to reconstruct or re-design all those particular area affected by termites